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Hong Kong Bullet Trains (G Trains)

The 26km Hong Kong high-speed rail from West Kowloon to Shenzhen Futian that put into service from Sep 23rd, 2018 connect Hong Kong directly with over 44 cities in Mainland China. Moreover, many transfer options at transit hub of Guangzhou, Wuhan and Shenzhen allow travelers entering Hong Kong and on to all parts of China easily.

Being part of China's high-speed network, bullet train tickets (G Trains) are easy to book from our online train ticket system and you will enjoy the same prompt reply from ETripChina. Before sending your inquiry, read the notes below regarding visa, ticket collection and cancellation policy.

Popular Train Routes from Hong Kong

The West Kowloon Station serves both short-distance (timetable for short distance trains) and long-haul trains (timetable for long distance trains). There are frequent trains to neighboring Guangdong province, reaching cities of Shenzhen, Dongguan and Guangzhou. The long-distance services link Hong Kong directly to over 44 destinations in mainland, and connect all the other reachable parts of China. Popular routes includes Hong to Guangzhou, Hong Kong to Shenzhen, Hong Kong to Guilin, Hong Kong to Xiamen, Hong Kong to Wuhan, Hong Kong to Beijing and Hong Kong to Shanghai.

Train No. Departure Arrival Departure Time Arrival Time Duration  
G312 West Kowloon Guilin West 12:06 15:25 03:19 Booking
G311 Guilin West West Kowloon 13:38 16:54 03:16 Booking
G312 West Kowloon Kunming South 12:06 19:44 07:38 Booking
G314 Kunming South West Kowloon 09:19 16:54 07:35 Booking
G80 West Kowloon Wuhan 08:05 12:38 04:33 Booking
G79 Wuhan West Kowloon 12:40 18:58 04:38 Booking
G3001 Xiamen North West Kowloon 10:06 14:00 03:54 Booking
G3003 Xiamen West Kowloon 10:15 14:51 04:36 Booking
G3007 Xiamen West Kowloon 14:53 19:25 04:32 Booking
G3005 Xiamen West Kowloon 17:09 21:42 04:33 Booking
G3006 West Kowloon Xiamen 08:40 13:15 04:35 Booking
G3002 West Kowloon Xiamen North 17:09 21:42 04:00 Booking
G3004 West Kowloon Xiamen 15:18 19:55 04:37 Booking
G3008 West Kowloon Xiamen 19:47 23:52 04:05 Booking
G100 West Kowloon Hangzhou East 11:10 18:35 07:25 Booking
G99 Hangzhou East West Kowloon 15:01 22:28 07:27 Booking
G100 West Kowloon Shanghai Hongqiao 11:10 19:27 08:17 Booking
G99 Shanghai Hongqiao West Kowloon 14:10 22:28 08:18 Booking
G80 West Kowloon Beijing west 08:05 17:01 08:56 Booking
G79 Beijing west West Kowloon 10:00 18:58 08:58 Booking
Getting to West Kowloon Railway Station (九龙西站)

Station: West Kowloon Railway Station
Station(CN): 香港西九龙站
Address: Jordan, West Kowloon
Address(CN): 香港佐敦西九龙
Immigration Check and Board: Level B3
Ticket Collection: official ticket office at Level B1
Subway Connection: 12 minutes walk to Kowloon Station and 4 minutes to Austin Station
Airport Shuttle Bus: Airport express line

Taxi Ride:
To airport - 34km, 50minutes
To Hung Hom Station (Through trains)- 3km, 10 minutes
To Disneyland - 23km, 40 minutes

Getting to Guangzhou South Station (广州南站)

Station: Guangzhou South Railway Station / Guangzhou Nan Station
Station(CN): 广州南站
Address: Shibi Village, Zhongcun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Address(CN): 广州市番禺区钟村镇石壁村
Immigration Check and Board: No immigration check needed.
Ticket Collection: official ticket office
Subway Connection: Line 2 & Line 7
Airport Shuttle Bus: Bus 7B (every 30 minutes) from Aoyuan Golf Hotel which is very near to Guangzhou South

Taxi Ride:
To Guangzhou Baiyun Airport - 35km, 50 minutes
To Guangzhou East Station - 26km, 60 minutes
To Guangzhou Station - 8km, 20 minutes

Things to know before planning Hong Kong Bullet train ride

1. Do I need a China visa for taking Hong Kong Bullet train?

Yes. Visitors from most of the countries are permitted visa-free entry to Hong Kong for periods ranging from 7 to 180 days, but entering from Hong Kong from to mainland China requires Chinese Visa. It is advisable to arrange visa in your own country. Check with Chinese Embassy in your country for the current visa policy.

2. Where do we carry out border inspection?

You will have border inspection at West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong whether you arrive or depart from Hong Kong to mainland China.

3. How much time should I leave to collect paper ticket and board the train?

For paper tickets holders: check in procedures starts 45 minutes, and ends at 15 minutes prior to departure time at West Kowloon, Hong Kong.

For e-ticket holders (from Hong Kong): e-ticket has to be changed to paper ticket at station at least 45 minutes ahead of time. Considering the queue time and check in, it is suggested to be at the station at least 60-70 minutes at normal days and 90 minutes during holiday periods.

4. What if I miss my scheduled train?

Bullet trains to and from Hong Kong are not allowed to change or cancel if you miss the train. Do get to the station and collect tickets at least 45 minutes earlier if you board from Hong Kong.

5. Can I change or cancel the ticket after ticketing?

Please note the difference of Hong Kong bullet trains. Cancellation has to be made at least 2 hours prior to departure time(whether online or at station); Changes are allowed 60 minutes earlier for trains departing Hong Kong and 30 minutes for those arriving Hong Kong.

6. Is there a limit on how much luggage we can bring onto the train?

China Rail do not apply strict regulations and check-in procedures as flights up to now, but it is advisable to take luggage that not exceed 160 cm in total length, unless rod-shaped. It is wise to pack light. Limited Luggage storage space is above and under your seat sharing with other passengers. In most stations, your luggage have to be carried up and down a number of stairs to reach the boarding platforms.
No limitation for wheelchairs, which can be brought onto the train for free but have to be folded as there are no enough space to put aside of you except business class seat.
Prohibited items include but not limited to dangerous articles like fireworks, knives and fragile items.

Hong Kong - Bullet Train Photos

All trains running on Hong Kong High-speed Rail are newly built vivrant express type offering the most comfortable journey for passengers. The three type of seats different on space, facilites and ticket rate.

Business seat: 2+1 or 1+1, seat number A,C(aisle), F or A(aisle), F; Ticket rate is almost 3 times of 2nd class seat.

First class seat: 2+2 seat type, seat number: A,C(aisle), D,F; Ticket rate is almost 1.5 times of 2nd class seat.

Second class seat: 3+2 seat type, seat number: A,B,C(aisle), D,F. It is the basic type of seat.

Standing Ticket: Not allowed on trains to and from West Kowloon (Hong Kong).

How to Board at West Kowloon Station

• Paper ticket collection have to be done at least 45 minutes prior to departure time. E-ticket holders are better to arrive at the station 70-90 minutes ahead.

• Immigration check closes 15 minutes earlier than departure time.

• West Kowloon Station Guide


Landscaped Deck

L2: Observation Platform Observation Platform
L1: A footbridge connecting to Kowloon MTR Station and Austin MTR Station; Shops, West Kowloon Bus Terminal


Ground Level

Entrance, concourses, public transport interchange (airport express line & tourist buses), front square


Ticket Hall

Ticketing lobby (ticket selling & collection, luggage check), taxi drop-off stations, parking


Arrival Level

Taxi pick-up stations, Austin Road & Kowloon Station underpass arrival hall, car parking lot, arrival hall


Departure Level

Customs and Immigration, waiting room, departure hall, duty-free stores, food, and beverage stalls.


Departure Platforms

Train boarding


Click to check a complete Westkowloon Station Map