ETripChina easy booking within 3 minutes

Step 1: Select a train and type of class via our real-time data searching system.

Step 2: Fill up the booking form and pay online. If missed, EtripChina will send payment link in email immediately or maximum to 12 hours.

Step 3: Get confirmation with e-ticket number or notification of issuing paper tickets.

Step 4: Change e-ticket to paper ticket at the train station and board train. Or take paper tickets (delivered to your place) to board train.

Documents and information required

• All passengers' personal information (including name, passport number exactly as shown on passport) is required at booking.

• Purchaser's (who make the payment) passports is required.

• All passengers' passports are required for paper tickets booking.

ETripchina Services Guaranteed

Support in your language. ETripChina provide online information and emails is English; One to one advisors are all English-speaking all French-speaking. They are always a phone call away to answer your questions, help you communicate at train station if needed.

Fast response. You can expect booking details immediately or maximum to 12 hours.

Easy payment through PayPal. PayPal also accept payment with Visa/Master or debit card without registration.

Door to door ticket delivery. Paper tickets can avoid you hassles of queuing at train station. If requested, EtripChina will issue paper tickets and deliver to your hotel or personal address within China.

Real-time data of ticket number, which helps to make right decision.

Trip planner. EtripChina advisors are familiar with the transport and trips over China. We can better help you plan your independent or semi-independent tour to China.

You maybe also interested in

Can I request window seat? If booking paper tickets, you can request window seat, aisle seat, lower bunks etc. China Rail office allow to choose when available. If booking e-ticket, seat assigned by system.

Can I request private sleeper compartment? Luxury soft sleeper (two bunks in an enclosed cabin with separate toilet) or soft sleeper (4 bunks in an enclosed cabin) allows to book for the whole compartment.

• How to book seat for children? Fill in information in the inquiry and mark it as Children. EtripChina will book discount Children ticket. Please note that Children under 1.2 meters can enjoy free trip if sharing seat with adult; Who between 1.2-1.4m is required to book children rate; and who up to 1.4m is required to book adult rate.

• How far in advance can I book? You can put an order as early as 6 months ahead to be on our caring list, or only few hours before departure. Most of the trains are opened for booking 60 days ahead and tickets selling fast during or approaching public holidays. Early booking is always suggested if possible.

Read more on difference between e-ticket and paper ticket, tips for collecting paper tickets, suggestions on choosing train and seat type.

Other ways to purchase tickets

• Purchase at train stations.
Office hours: Most of large train stations offer 24 hours ticketing services. Some smaller stations work depending on the station's train schedule.
How to do: join in any queue and purchase at ticket window. Staff can speak little English or not at all. Prepare some notes both in English and Chinese beforehand. Payment: cash only.
Disadvantages: language barrier; no advance booking;

• Purchase at ticket offices in the city.
Office hours:9:00am to 12:00pm, 1:30pm to 5:30pm
How to do: find out the office and go at the office hours. Staff can speak little English or not at all. Prepare some notes both in English and Chinese. Payment: cash only; each ticket will be charged CNY 5.
Disadvantages: language barrier; no advance booking

• Purchase through telephone call.
Office hours:7:00am to 11:00pm
How to do: Call (local area code) + 95105105, follow the steps to book. It only allows to book tickets on sale at least 2 days prior to departure. When successfully done, you need to go to train station to collect it within 24 hours. Payment: Cash only.
Disadvantages: language barrier; limited time to collect paper ticket

• Purchase through China Rail website.
Office hours: 7:00am to 11:00pm
How to do: log into Chinese website - Set up an account with your personal information, then activate the account with local cellphone number. Then follow the steps to book. Payment: various kinds of cards issued by Chinese Banks; Ali Pay etc.
Disadvantages: language barrier; only Chinese ID number and few regular passport-hold customers that pass the online security check are allowed to register; Local cellphone number is required at registration; procedures are very complicated.