Sending inquiry

Input your destinations in the above searching box, follow the instructions to complete booking. All passenger's personal information is required and that should be exactly the same as shown on passport(s).

Online payment is regarded as your confirmation for the booking and that can always save communication time with ETripChina.

Tickets are always available for advanced booking (7 days prior to departure time) but might be sold out quickly if during festival or public holidays. ETripChina react promptly or up to 12 hours (if at night hours) but can only give you a guarantee after ticketing for urgent booking.


Total cost we quote online or in email includes ticket rate, service fee and credit card processing commission charged by Bank of China or PayPal.

For group up to 8 persons, you can send us passenger name list to


Full payment is required when we issue the tickets for you from bus station system. So your advanced payment is expected and that will be considered as your confirmation for the specific booking.

Payment methods including PayPal, IPayLinks (credit Card), West Union and Wire Transfer (if travel 20 days later). ETripChina promised to refund if we failed to book you the seats, cancellation made from bus stations' side, or cancellation made from your side before ticketing.

Collecting Tickets on Your Own

Bus tickets booking provides e-ticket only. When we successfully booked your seat, an e-ticket number will be given together with further details including boarding place, etc. ETripChina will email you all the details via email.

Some of the stations allow boarding with e-ticket, and others might require passengers to collect paper tickets before check-in. That all depends on their own regulations and whether it is holiday time. Arrive 30-50 minutes early to pick up paper tickets if needed.

Changes and Cancellation

Almost of the bus station booking systems do not offer online change and cancellation service. ETripChina follows the policy of each station. The situation might be changed in the future as bus stations have been trying to perfect their services.

However, all stations accept change and cancellation on site before departure. Penalty charge is from 10% to 100% depending on what time you successfully did it.

Checking In and Checking Out

There are usually two buses station in small town and four or more in big cities serving people coming from and to different directions. Go to the correct station is very essential.

Bus stations have simpler layout than train stations. Most small ones have a large hall serving as ticket office and waiting room, and boarding gates are lined opposite the entrance. Large stations have luggage check in area, ticket window, waiting room, boarding gates with clear directions.

Bring along valid document that used to book ticket including passport or ID card for Mainland Chinese.

It is advisable to arrive station 30 minutes at normal days and 60 minutes at public holiday time.

Luggage Allowance

Most of the stations do not apply strict regulations on luggage size and weight, but it is advisable to take luggage that not exceed 180 cm in total length, unless rod-shaped considering the luggage space on buses.

Lost Ticket

Keep your e-ticket number and paper ticket well after collection. It may cause failure of boarding and difficult communication as almost staff at bus station cannot speak or understand English or other languages except Mandarin and local dialect.