I want to know whether my children can enjoy discount for the tickets.

Sleeper seats offer children fare at 75% of adult rate and all the other type of seats charge 50% of adult rate.

Children under 1.2 meters are free to take train if you want to give him a separate seat, a children ticket should be purchased in advance.

Children from 1.2 -1.4 meters tall are required to book children tickets. Children ticket number should not exceed adult ticket number. Such as 2 adults travelling with 3 children under 1.5 meters can only buy two children tickets. The third children requires to pay fully as adult.

I have got the e-ticket number from your side. When can I collect my paper ticket?

Once you got the e-number, you can collect paper tickets any time before departure at ticket window of any train station. But E-ticket enjoy more flexibility as it allows Etripchina to change or cancel on behalf, paper ticket can only be changed or cancelled by ticket holder at train station with passport(s). You can collect all your tickets (at one station) when your tour confirmed to avoid repeated queues. An extra CNY 5 per ticket will be charged if it is not the departure city..

Please arrange window seat/lower bunk/in the same compartment?

China Rail distributes tickets stochastic but gives priority to people who travel together to seat next each other whenever available. Passenger (or purchaser) is not allowed to pick up favorable seats when making reservation. We suggest you make reservation as early as possible to increase the ratio of booking connecting seats. Booking opens 60 days before actual departure date.

Can I buy ticket and board train with a copy of my passport?

It is enough to make online booking with passenger's name, passport number, gender and nationality. But passport is required to show when issuing the final paper ticket and board train. Please make sure you will take the passport (written the same information for reservation) to take train travel.

I have booked a ticket with you. Can I change or cancel if my plan changes.

It is ok to make changes or cancellation, but please note that it should be made at least two hours before departure to China Rail. Considering the time difference and work-off hours, Etripchina accepts all changes or cancellation by email or call 24 hours ahead. See more policy of changes and cancellation.

How you deliver the tickets to my hotel / personal address? Should I wait for your staff to come?

Because of huge ticket demand, we dispatch tickets by Shunfeng Express (or EMS when out of Shunfeng service area) to the address you specified not our staff in person. Shunfeng Express (顺丰快递) is the fastest and safest express company within China. When you ask for a delivery service, please make sure there will be a receiver with accessible cellphone if it is personal address, and reception agree to receive and keep your parcel if it is hotel address.

I need train tickets to Hong Kong, but your searching system tells nothing?

There are several cities operating trains to Hong Kong including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Dongguan. Trains to Hong Kong are not allowed to book online. So there is no information listed from our search results. Guangzhou and Dongguan have frequently trains up to 12 trains a day, but there is only one train from Beijing and Shanghai separately. We have representatives in these cities to book and deliver the tickets. But there are better options after the opening of G and D trains from Beijing, Shanghai to Guangzhou and Shenzhen. See more details of trains to Hong Kong and send in your request.

Train tickets to Lhasa (Tibet)

There is a huge demand of train tickets to Lhasa but only few cities operating direct trains to Lhasa. It is usually fully booked by travel groups in peak season or close booking during specific period. We suggest you make reservation at least 60 days in advance to increase the ratio of successful booking. Get further information of trains to Lhasa

Is it possible to make payment (or pay cash) at train station in China or any office in China?

Etripchina is an online platform belongs to travel agency. We have partnership with China Rail but not branch. Etripchina is required to pay fully when make each booking. So we only accept advance payment via PayPal or wire transfer if booking 70 days in advance.

Pack list for train travel?

Valid Passport - the one you booked ticket

Mineral water –on sale. Hot water is free of charge and you need to prepare your own cup.

Tissue – on sale.

Toothbrush and Toothpaste – for overnight train journey

First-aid Medicine – unavailable on largely scale. It is essential for those who needed.

Food – only simple food on sale. It is suggested to prepare for long journey if you have children to travel or have special request for food.

Potable Battery Charger – some of the Z, T, K and only number trains do not have plug onboard.

Please be aware that we have to be seat in the direction that the train is running.

All type of the seats (except soft sleeper) of almost G, D, C trains (except trains running Guangzhou –Shenzhen and rare CHR -1 trains) can be switched 180 degree to let you always sit in the same direction that the train is running. But the rest of Z, T, K and only number trains do not have this kind of seats.