1. Making inquiry

• Correct travel information: After choosing your favored train, you will get access to booking form. Make sure to fill in correct information at the required area including travel date, email address, all passengers' name and passport numbers.

• Passenger's personal information: it should exactly match that on passport(s). Any difference can result in failure of collecting paper ticket, checking in or getting onboard. Passenger's name will be printed on the paper ticket(s) as Stevens (surname) David (given name). ETripchina system will follow the information given to book and will not be responsible for any damage or losses occurred in this situation.

• Clear passport copy is required: purchaser (who pay for the ticket); all passengers' who book paper ticket or if payment frozen by bank or PayPal company. Please send passport copy to contact@etripchina.com. On other cases, you are suggested to provide for double check only.

• Instant payment online: Instant payment will shorten the communication time and increase the ratio of successful booking especially when the availability is rare. But if you missed, ETripChina advisor will send you email with payment link immediately or up to 12 hours (at night).

• Time to confirm: China Rail release tickets 60 days for most of the train, 30 days for some intercity C trains, 20 days for overnight D trains, or 7 days for short distance trains in Chengdu area etc. The selling period may change temperately due to adjustment of the routes and China Rail has the total control of it. If within the selling period, ETripChina will book immediately according to the availability and send confirmation email with details. For early booking, ETripChina will confirm your payment and time to issue via email.

2. Price

• Total cost we quote online or in email includes ticket rate, service fee, bank commission rate, and the delivery fee (if delivery service required).

• Service fee is only $6 per ticket and $10 per delivery. Service fee is higher only for international trains or Hong Kong Trains.

• Sleeper train ticket (both hard and soft sleeper) price has very slight difference in upper, lower and middle berth. As tickets are issued stochastically by China Rail, we will take the benefits if not all is lower.

• No extra fee when you change your e-ticket to paper ticket at departure train station. Such as a booking of Beijing –Shanghai-Beijing, you do not have to pay extra for ticket from Beijing to Shanghai when you collect at Beijing station, but extra CNY5 is required if you collect the ticket from Shanghai to Beijing at Beijing station.

3. Payment

• Payment is acceptable via PayPal, Wire Transfer or West Union (if travel 60 days later).

• A clear scan copy of the purchaser's passport is required at the time of payment.

• Full payment will be refund if we are unable to serve you the required tickets or you initiate the cancellation 60 days before departure.

4. Collecting Paper Tickets (E-ticket Holder)

• When to collect: After a successful booking, you can change your e-ticket to paper ticket any time before boarding. As usual, you just leave 15- 30 minutes more and collect it on your departure day, as ticket has been guaranteed under your personal information, no other person can collect it without your e-ticket number and passport. However, you are advised to collect beforehand under following situation: You train departs very early in the morning; You travel in public holidays including Spring Festival (Jan 1st to 7th of lunar calendar); May Day Holiday (May 1st to 3rd); National Day holiday (Oct 1st to 7th) or other local big event.

• Where to collect: It is not limited to your departure train station but all train stations within China.

• How to collect: Line up at the ticket window, show your e-ticket number and passport to staff. If you have purchased tickets to a number of destinations, you can pick up all at one train station to avoid repeated queues. An extra CNY 5 per ticket will be charged if it is not the departure city. Such as a booking of Beijing –Shanghai-Beijing, you do not have to pay extra for ticket from Beijing to Shanghai when you collect at Beijing station, but extra CNY5 is required if you collect the ticket from Shanghai to Beijing at Beijing station.

Check detail guidelines on how to collect paper ticket.

5. Ticket Delivery for Paper Ticket

• International trains or Hong Kong trains can only issue paper tickets (no –e-ticket available).

• To avoid queuing at train station, you can require paper ticket and delivery to your hotel or personal address in China. ETripChina will issue and dispatch by the most reliable express – Shun Feng Express (顺丰速递). It takes 2-3 days to arrive any places within China under usual circumstances.

• In considering many hotels might refuse to receive and keep parcel for guests, especially the booking not under one of the passengers' name, we dispatch tickets days before you check in or at your appointed time.

• Correct name of your hotel, personal residence and receiver is very important. Etripchina is not responsible for any cost caused by incorrect above mentioned information.

• We are able to issue your paper ticket with passport copies at stations or offices currently, but China Rail has total control of it. If the policy changes temperately, we will refund you the delivery service fee and send the needed guidelines to collect paper tickets on your own.

6. Changes and Cancellation from Your Side

• All the below mentioned policy refers to the issued e-ticket or paper ticket (not include tickets of International trains or Hong Kong trains). China Rail has the total right to change the policy and ETripChina will do accordingly with the current regulation. However, you can change or cancel freely with ETripChina before we successfully issued the tickets.

• E-ticket changes and cancellation: should be made at least two hours before departure to China Rail. Considering the time difference and work-off hours, Etripchina accepts changes or cancellation by email 24 hours ahead.

• Paper ticket changes and cancellation: should be made by ticket holder with passport (not copy) at station before departure. The G and D trains allow to change to other available train on the day even 2 hours after departure.

• Changes and cancellation penalty (both e-ticket and paper ticket) charged by China Rail: 48 hours ahead – 5% of ticket rate charged; 24-48 hours - 10% charged; 2-24 hours - 20% charged; less than 2 hours – 100% charged. It may attract a higher ratio during the public holidays or period specific by Railway Company.

• Refund amount for cancellation: for cancellation of e-ticket, ETripChina will refund the ticket rate based on the above mentioned policy. Service fee is non-refundable due to the cost of our workload and time.

• Extra charge for changes: No free change for all passport holders currently. If you request a change, China Rail requires to cancel the previous one and re-book the new ticket. It cost a cancellation penalty as mentioned above, but no extra charges from ETripChina.

7. Changes and Cancellation from China Rail

• Cancellation of trains occur at severe weather conditions.

• China Rail has been responsible to refund fully or change to other available trains if cancellation made from their side.

8. Checking In and Checking Out

Go to right train station: Train stations name is clearly printed on your paper ticket. For e-ticket holders, it is written in confirmation email both in English and Chinese.

Be there on time: As usual, you are suggested to arrive the train station 40 – 60 minutes prior to the departure time printed on your paper ticket. And arrive even earlier to 2 hours if during public holidays. Check-in counter is closed 5 -10 minutes before departure.

Document: Prepare paper ticket in hand (or collect ticket at train station) together with your valid ID that used to book ticket passport, ID card for Mainland Chinese, or Mainland Travel Permit for passengers from Hong Kong, Macau, and Taiwan.

For other boarding tips, please refer to how to board and disembark.

9. Luggage Allowance

• China Rail do not apply strict regulations and check-in procedures as flights up to now, but it is advisable to take luggage that exceed 160 cm in total length, unless rod-shaped. It is wise to pack light. Limited Luggage storage space is above and under your seat sharing with other passengers. In most stations, your luggage have to be carried up and down a number of stairs to reach the boarding platforms.

• No limitation for wheelchairs, which can be brought onto the train for free but have to be folded as there are no enough space to put aside of you except business class seat.

• Prohibited items include but not limited to dangerous articles like fireworks, knives and fragile items.

10. Missing Train

• High-speed trains are always punctual and the slow trains are getting easy to run on clock. Follow the rule to be there on time.

• For whatever causes you are late for train, you have to bear the loss on your own. China Rail allows you to board later trains on the same day depending on the availability if you arrive within 2 hours after departure of your previous booked train, but not valid to all the Z, T, K and numbered trains.

• Leave enough time in between if you booked two legs of trains even you change at the same station.

11. Lost Ticket

• It is frustrated if you lost paper ticket (whether we delivered to you or you collect at train station. China Rail will not allow to print again.

• How to do next? Find out the ticket window for cancellation and change (退票窗口). Tell the staff that you have lost the ticket, show your passport and let them know your seat number if you can recall. They will require you to pay the ticket rate again and give you a receipt. Keep it well and show it to the attendant in your coach. When disembark at your destination, go to the ticket window for cancellation and change. The station will return you the ticket rate in cash. Or just simply ask for help at the information desk.

12. Useful sentences

请问火车站售票处在哪里? Please, where is the ticket office?
请问网络订票的取票窗口在哪里? Excuse me, I booked ticket online. Which ticket window should I go to?
请问在哪个窗口办理改签/退票? May I ask which window is for change and cancellation?
我的火车票弄丢了,请问我可以在哪个窗口补办?Excuse me, I have lost my paper ticket. Which ticket window should I go to?