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Tibet Trekking

Quote a poem by Tsangyang Gyatso:

A year gone, prone in the dust of the mountain road -
but not to make obeisance, only to press into your warmth
A lifetime gone, turning and turning, mountains, rivers, stupas -
but not to seek rebirth, only to meet you along the way

Turning the mountain is the best way to enter Tibet. Walking on the mountain road, Arriving in faith in the most pious and hard way, Listening to the Vatican of the reincarnation on the blessing road.

Top Trekking Routes

Tour 1. Ganden to Samye Trek (80KM, 4-5 days)

A picturesque country lane connecting two famous Tibetan monasteries. Hiking from Gandan to Samye is the most popular hiking route in Tibet. On this hike, you will find breathtaking mountains, lakes, vibrant alpine forests and meadows, as well as two of the most important Tibetan religious culture monasteries.

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa

Day 2-3 Lhasa Tour

Day 4 Drive from Lhasa to Ganden Monastery

Day 5 Trek Ganden Monaster to Yama Do
Trek 5-6 hrs, 17km (450m descent, 300m ascent). visit Ganden monastery, visit the typical Tibetan village of Trupshi and Yama Do camp.

Day 6 Trek Yama Do to Tsotup Chu Valley
Hiking 10 km, it takes about 5-7 hours (1000m ascent - 450m descent), Trek over the Shu-la Pass 5250m and Tsotup Lake. Then pass through the Tsotup Chu River and camp there.

Day 7 Trek Tsotup Chu Valley to Herdmen's Camp
Trek 14 km, takes about 5-6 hrs (300m ascent - 400m descent), Trek over the Chitu-La Pass 5225 and continue move down at a leisurely pace through the valley and cross numer ous seasonal herder's camps.

Day 8 Trek Herder's Camp to Samye Monastery
Trek 5-6 hrs descent. Walk through beautiful stream, lush forest and desert. Then cross the Yamalung Tsangpo valley and visit the Yamalung Hermitage

Day 9 Samye to Lhasa

Day 10 Departure from Lhasa

Tour 2. Tsurphu to Yangpachen Trek (60km, 3-4 days)

Tsurpu to Yangpachen is one of the classic hiking routes. You can experience the scenery of the northern Qiangtang grassland and the life of the Tibetan herdsmen along the way.

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa

Day 2-3 Lhasa Tour

Day 4 Drive from Lhasa to Tsurphu Monastery

Day 5 Trek Tsurphu Monaster to Leten
Trek 11km, takes about 4 hours. Trek up a green valley with mountain streams with various species of mountain goats, several nomadic communities and high plateau with scattered rock-enclosed huts.

Day 6 Trek Leten to Bartso
Trek 15km, takes about 5-6 hours. Trek over the Lasar la pass and descend into the Yangpachen Valley. It is wide open plateaus, cracked patches of earth, and head towards Bartso.

Day 7 Trek Bartso to Dorje Ling Nunnery
Trek 15km, takes about 4 hours. On the way, Views of Nyenchen Tanghlha (7111m), beautiful Tajung Village and Dorjee Ling Ani Gompa (nunnery), near which you will set up camps.

Day 8 Trek Dorje Ling Nunnery to Yangpachen monastery and Hot springs then Namtso Lake
Trek 14km, takes about 4 hours. Trek along the Nyango Chu River, head to Yangpachen Monastery and overlooks part of the Trans-Himalaya range.

Day 9 Namtso Lake to Lhasa

Day 10 Departure from Lhasa

Tour 3. Shalu to Nartang Trek (45km, 2-3 days)

Trek between 2 ancient centers of Buddhist academy. This Shalu to Nartang trekking is a good opportunity to have a try of middle level trekking in Tibet. Neither are the two passes Show-La and Char-La high nor difficult

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa

Day 2-3 Lhasa Tour

Day 4 Drive from Lhasa to Gyantse
Drive over Gampa La pass and Koro la provide wondrous view of lake Yamdrok, Karo glacier

Day 5 Gyantse to Shalu Monastery
In the morning tourists will visit the Gyantse Palkor Monastery and Kumbum stupa. then drive to Shalu Monastery

Day 6 Trek Shalu Monastery to Upper Lungsang
Trek 14 km, takes about 5-6 hrs. We are going to pass Ri-Puk Monastery, Phunup village and Show-la pass(4200m) and camp at Lungsang.

Day 7 Trek upper Lungsang to Ngor Monastery
Trek 8km, takes about 4 hrs. One the way, we ascend slowly from upper Langsang to Char-La pass(4600m) we will descend down to Ngor Monastery and camp there.

Day 8 Trek Ngor Monastery to Nartang Monastery
Trek 18km, takes about 5 hrs. One the way we have sizable village of Pero, then Dzong Lugari Village and Nartang where our Tibetan driver and the vehicle will wait for us, then we will be transferred to Shigatse.

Day 9 Nartang Monastery to Lhasa

Day 10 Departure from Lhasa

Tour 4. Tingri to EBC

Hiking from Tingri to Base Camp will be the most spectacular. Following a high ridge with good views of Mt. Everest, trek to the village of the Zommug and then to Rongbuk to explore the highest mountain.

Day 1 Arrive in Lhasa

Day 2-3 Lhasa Tour

Day 4 Drive from Lhasa to Shigatse
Drive over the Gambala pass, view the deep blue of Yamdrok lake, beautiful Karo glacier, then Gyantse Palkor and Kumbum. then move to Shigatse

Day 5 Driver Shigatse to Old Tingri
In the morning tourists visit Tashilhunphu Monastery, drive through Lhatse and Shegar town. Stay at old Tingri.

Day 6 Trek from Old Tingri to Lungthang
Trek 5 hours (12km) along the Ra-chu Valley, small monastery in Cholun. Bleak region is home of herders and barley harvesters. Camp at Lungthang Vilage.

Day 7 Trek Lungthang to Lamna La
Trek 8 hours (21km) the challenging trekking really starts today as tourists climb towards the Lamna La Pass and continue trek to Drokpa encampment below Lamna La.

Day 8 Trek Lamna la to Zommug
Morning, cross over Lamna la pass, meet yak herders and their families. Our camp will be pitched in the small village of Zommug where have a view of the amazing sunset in this barren town.

Day 9 Trek Zommung to Rongbuk and EBC

Day 10 EBC to Shigatse (or go west to leave Tibet to Nepal)

Day 11 Shigatse to Lhasa

Day 12 Departure from Lhasa

Tour 5. Mt. Minya Konka Trekking (64km, 4 days)

Trek Mt. Minya Konka through the cold, high, beautiful and extremely remote path, Minya Konka is the highest peak in Tibetan-inhabited, so called "king of Shushan". This Mt. Gongga trekking tour combines the experience of real Tibetan culture.

Day 1 Chengdu - Ya'an - Kangding - Laoyulin - Gexi Grassland
Drive to Laoyulin, start the trek to Gexi Grassland.

Day 2 Gexi Grassland - Liangcha River - Xia Riwuqie - Shang Riwuqie (13km)
Trek from Gexi Grassland to Shang-riwuqie, cross Liahngcha River and Riwuqie Pass. Along the way, we can enjoy the spectacular Tianhaizi Snow Mountain, Small Gongga Mountain and other mountain peaks.

Day 3 Shang Riwuqie - Riwuqie Pass - Moxigou Camp site (12km)
Leave Shang Riwuqie campsite to Moxigou Campsite, you can enjoy the towering JIazifeng Peak (6549m), Tianhaizi Snow Mountain (6070m), Small Gongga Mountain (6027m), Riwuqie Peak (6376m) and Mt. Leduomayin.

Day 4 Moxigou Campsite - Gongga Temple (25km)
Walk about 25 kilometers along the Moxigou Valley to Gongga Temple. It is basically decline in altitude. Visit Gongga Temple and enjoy the best views of the main peak of Gongga Mountain.

Day 5 Gongga Temple - Shang Zimei Village - Zimei Pass - Shang Zimei Viallage (6km)

Climb up to Zimei Pass via Zimei Village. Hike 6km for about 2 hours. To reach Zime Pass, the main peak of Mount Gongga is in the behind. Back to Shang Zimei Village by Car.

Day 6 Shang Zimei Village - Xia Zimei Village - Bawanghai - Jiebeishi - Caoke (12km)
Get to Caoke by 25km walk. The road is relatively gentle downhill, some coutyside road we can take horse or tractor provided by local.

Day 7 Caoke - Lianghekou - Shimian - Ya'an - Chengdu (Drive 323km)

Tour 6. Mt. Siguniang Changping Valley to Bipeng Valley Hiking (51km, 3 days)

The trekking tour from Changpinggou to Bepenggou Valley is the most classic trekking in Mt. Siguniang area. You will experience the stuning scenery of the area and the hospitality and cultures of the local Tibetan people. During the trek, you will pass through 4668m mountain pass and descend down into Bipeng valley.

Day 1 Chengdu - Dujiangya - Yingxiu - Woling - Balang Mountain - Rilong (driver 246km)
Drive from Chengdu to Rilong, we can visit Giant Panda Breeding Base in Wolong enroute and see the panorama of Four Girls Mountain(Mt. Siguniang) at Maobiliang.

Day 2 Rilong - Lama Temple - Dry Tree Beach - Muluozi
Hike along Changping Valley for 15km, the route is from Lama Temple to Muluozi, which is at the foot of the "yongest Sister" of Four Girls Mountain.

Day 3 Muluozi - Water Dam (Shui Da Ba) - Chazigou Valley
Hike 14km from Muluozi to Chazigou Valley with higher elevation.

Day 4 Chazigou Valley - Ya Kou - Three Trees - Bepeng Valley - Li County (Hike 22km)
Get up very early to climb up a 4668m mountain pass from 3900km with a very steep section.

Then down hill to Bipeng valley with gorgeous landscape and waterfall. Driver to Li County after the trek finish.

Day 5 Li County - Wechun - Dujiangya - Chengdu (Drive 5 hours)

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