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Travel Notes - Tibet Classic tour

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Combining the choices of most people, as well as our travel experience, this classic trip covers all the must-see attractions. It includes Lhasa, Lhasa West Line (Gyantse, Shigatse, Everest Base Camp), East line (Nyingchi, Lulang, Jiacha, Tsetang), and trip to Namtso, North of Lhasa.

Arrival in Lhasa and took a break at the hotel. You need to adapt to the plateau climate that you are already at an altitude of 3,700 meters.

When it is still early, visit the night view of the Potala Palace.

"You city in people real can paly son", Pour a bottle of mineral water on the ground of the Potala Palace Square so that you can take a picture of the Palace. Could also take a tricycle and feel the night view of Lhasa.


Lhasa - Potala Palace, Jokhang Temple, Barkhor Street

Standing in front of the main hall of the Potala Palace, everyone took the time to take photo, because it is not allowed to take pictures inside. The residents of the Tibetan area thought that the photos might take souls away.
After a rigorous security check, I walked in along a long ladder. No photos to help me recall, the memory that remains in my mind: solemn, sacred, luxurious.

Going out of the Red Palace, it seems to be back to the human society again.

Potalo Palace

Not easy to go down to the foot, I did not expect to be greeted by a long circumambulation road, it seemed to be endless. Must not touch the prayer wheel but the handrail below.

Prayer wheel

Medicine Mountain (Mt. Yaowang) -- The best location to take a picture of the Potala Palace

Potalo Palace

Located in the Old Town, Barkhor Street is also known as "Bangle Street" and is the most famous Circumanbulation and commercial center in Lhasa.

There are some Tibetans on the street for prayer service.

Shops sells a variety of Tibetan costumes, handicrafts and goods from India, Nepal and other places.

You can find a tea house on the top floor. There are a lot of teahouses in Lhasa, and drinking tea is a daily way of life for Lhasa people to spend the afternoon.

There are many famous restaurants, such as Makye Ame (a web star restaurant. it's said that Makye Ame is Tsangyang Gyatso's lover, I don't know if it's true or not, but this restaurant always full).

The Jokhang Temple at the center of Barkhor Street.

The temple's original name "Jesa" later evolved into "Lhasa" and became the name of the city. Therefore, people often say "have Lhasa city after the Jokhang Temple". The highlight of the Jokhang Temple is the 12-year-old Buddha statue of Sakyamuni when the Princess Wencheng entered the country. The reason why Lhasa is called "Holy Land" is related to this Buddha image.

The scenery of the roof is beautiful, in the distance is the Potala Palace, seems everything is in sight.

Lhasa - Drepung monastery, Sera monastery

Drepung monastery - literal meaning "White rice heap"

The first sight was the long history house.

Debate, some like our Debate Competition. Did not understand what they said, but every lama was very focused.

No photos inside

On the western side of the hillside, there is a huge Buddha Bathing platform. The pattern on the platform is dharma-sankha, the temple treasure of Drepung Monastery. It is said that it was hand down byTsongkhapa - the master of the Gru's sect. "Snowton Festival" is held here every year, attracting a large number of Tibetans and tourists to watch.

On the boulder below, the painting should be the image of master Tsongkhapa, I think.

Sera Monastery

Gold-plated bronze BYAMS-PA

Compared with the Drepung Monastery, Sera Monastery is closer to the human fireworks. There are a lot of small business hawkers gathered outside the temple gate, which has become a long street. it is more like a market.

Ticket gate is at the second gate.

The main hall is the largest temple of the Sera Monastery. The main lord of the temple is BYAMS-PA. The pilgrimage team winded hundreds of meters, and they waited quietly and patiently, moving.

Ji Dratsang is the largest Dratsang in the Sera Monastery. Zhacang, more like a school.

The yellow house on the hill in the distance is the Jukang Temple, built for the masters of Tsongkhapa. If you are not used to the plateau climate, it is not recommended to there.

To watch a debate is the high lights of the trip of Sera Monstery. This independently yard is the debating field.

After six hundred years of debate, with a full sense of history, although I don't understand a word, I like the atmosphere here.

Lhasa - Shigatse via Gyantse 360 km

08am, leave Lhasa, forward to Shigatse.

On the way to Yamdrok, there are many such small pets.

From Lhasa to the 5030-meter Gangbala Pass, then reache Yamdrok, about 70 kilometers southwest of Lhasa.

After crossing the 4,330-meter Smira Pass from Yamdrok, it came under the ice tongue of the Karola Glacier. it is about 5,400 meters.

Tashilhunpo monastery in Shigatse - the traditional seat for Tibet's second-most prominent figure.

Everest Base Camp

The accommodation in Everest Base Camp is just fine.

Going out of the tent, take a look around before sunset. This is the world's tallest temple, Rongbuk Monastery. Rongbuk Glacier around this area is also the largest among all the glaciers here.

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