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Tibet Cycling

We provide "4 + 2" cycling tour type, 4 wheel car + 2 wheel bike. It is a perfect way fo cycling Tibet. Use motor vehicles when there are rough roads. Motor vehicles can help you skip a less impressive journey, save up to half the time and be more cost effective.

For those who love cycling, Tibet is an eternal dream. Even if it has to withstand more than 20 days of wind and rain, More than 2,000 kilometers of difficult journey. There, there is an eternal snow mountain, Heaven and earth. There, near the sky and the moon, Close to the home of the eagle. There, it is the passage between man and heaven. Is the corridor of the world and the gods. Tibet, let the rider get close to himself, Real and crazy heartbeat

Chengdu to Lhasa cycling adventure - 15 days

Sichuan - Tibet Highway is widely-known as the most beautiful scenic road in China. On this artificially built road, there are countless natural wonders, It is a veritable landscape avenue. (1400km Driving, 800km Cycling) , shorten the lengthy journey to about 2 weeks which make the adventure passible and enjoyable.

West Sichuan Scenic Cycling Loop - 8 days

West Sichuan is the most fascinating area in Sichuan Province and even the whole country. It is also a transitional section of Tibet tourism. There are mountains, forests, snow mountains and lakes. There are not only beautiful natural routes, but also a devout pilgrimage route.

Lhasa to Everest Base Camp - 12 days

Cycling across majestic Himalayan Range to Nepal via Sino-Nepal Friendship Highway. The tour starts from Lhasa, extends to Gyantse, Shigatse and Tingri. then moving to Gyirong Port, Sino-Nepal border and finally end up in Kathmandu.

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