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Hotels in Tibet

Accommodation conditions vary widely across Tibet. In some major cities like Lhasa, Gyantse, Nagqu etc, there are different levels of hotels offer tourists variety of choice, and the accommodation is more comfortable. And in relatively remote areas will have simple accomodations.

Hotels suggestted below are frequently used hotels for our clients, many of hotels with English-speaking service and western food.

1.St. Regis Lhasa Resort5 starLhasa
2.Shangri-La hotel Lhasa5 starLhasa
3.Intercontinental Lhasa Paradise5 starLhasa
4.Four Points Sheraton Hotel4 starLhasa
5.Lhasa Kyichu Hotel3 starLhasa
6.Lhasa Gang Gyan Hotel4 starLhasa
7.Lhasa Thangka Hotel4 starLhasa
8.Lhasa Yak Hotel3 starLhasa
9.Lhasa New Mandala Hotel3 starLhasa
10.Qiaomulangzong4 starShigatse
11.Tashi Chotar Grand Hotel4 starShigatse
12.Shigatse Zang Ba hotel3 starShigatse
13.Snow Leopard Guest Hotel/Tingri
14.Gyantse Hotel3 starGyantse
15.Zhangmu Caiyuan Hotel/Zhangmu
16.Zhangmu Hotel/Zhangmu
17.Tingri Qomolangma Hotel/Belbar
18.EBC Tibetan Tent Guest Hotel/EBC
19.Yarlung River Hotel4 starTsethang
20.Tsedang Hotel4 starTsedang
21.Tsedang Yulong Holiday Hotel3 starTsedang
22.Nyingchi Shangbala Hotel3 starNyingchi
23.Chongqing Cygnet Hotel3 starNyingchi
24.Nyingchi Shanshui Hotel3 starNyingchi
25.Saga Hotel/Nga-ri
26.Yang-tso Guesthouse in HorQu/Nga-ri
27.Purang Guesthouse in HorQu/Nga-ri
28.A Grand Hotel Near M.T Kailash/Kailash

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