What should I wear?

We recommend you bring casual wear including comfortable shoes for the onboard activities like Taichi Practice and shore excursion. All the shore excursions including Ghost City, Three Lesser Gorges, Shennong Stream, Three Gorges Dam sites, are all required some walking and upstairs. Cruise include one formal night as captains' cocktail. Keep with what you would wear to a nice restaurant at home: skirts/dresses, slacks, and sweaters for ladies, pants and open-neck shirts for men.

Due to unpredictable weather, don't forget to check the weather conditions online or your travel advisor.

Are all ships from the same company alike?

Each ship company has 4-7 ships. Guests will receive the same services from any of the sister ships, but ship facilities differ from each other. The newly-built ships upgrade according to the new trends of demand including room space, facilities like swimming pool, internet access. Check the coverage of each ship.

What is a shore excursion and any extra cost?

Taking shore excursions will be one of the highlights of your cruise. Online listed prices for all ships includes one ashore tours each day which are the important stops for all travelers to Yangtze. Optional tours available but depends on the weather and number of passengers who wish to go.

Is there phone and Internet access?

Mobile phone service is available for use as long as it is permitted to use in China by your mobile device provider.

Internet access is available on all ships we recommend through onboard Internet Cafe but not in the cabins including the suites. Please note that Internet access via satellite is significantly slower than high-speed connections on shore. Extra charge is required but rate differs from each ship.

Should I buy travel insurance on my own?

Etripchina includes China Life Tourist Accident/Casualty Insurance up to a maximum of $29,000 provided free of charge in cruise fare. We still highly recommend that you purchase full coverage travel insurance from your country of origin.

What is onboard currency?

The onboard currency is Chinese CNY. However, all the luxury cruises are in the convenience of being able to sign for all your expenses and have them charged to your room. An itemized statement will be delivered to your stateroom prior to disembarkation or given at check-out. By providing your credit card in advance, you are automatically registered for Express Check-Out. Master Card, Visa and American Express are accepted. If not, you can change currency at exchange center where more than 10 type of currency is acceptable.

How should I tip?

Amount of CNY150 (25) per person whatever cabin you take will be added to your ship fare listed online or charged at check-in. This gratuity will be shared amongst those staff who help provide and support your cruise experience. Tips to specific staff onboard depends on the services you receive and your own willingness.

How is the medical care onboard?

The onboard medical facilities are staffed by qualified doctors and nurses. In addition to twice-daily office hours, they are available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency. However the medical centers are primarily intended to provide care for ordinary illness and accidents that may occur while on vacation. Please get suggestions from your doctor before the journey whether it is appropriate for you. And be sure to carry on the essential medicines that required.

Is it possible to travel for those need special care?

If you have special needs such as wheelchair characteristics, you must inform us at the time of booking to make sure the ship can provide appropriate assistance or not. Many other ships may not suitable due to narrow corridors, doorways or lack of elevator. Some newly built ships like Gold 6-8, Century Pargon, Lengend and Victoria Jenna have wheelchair accessible rooms. Even in this case, you have to consider the travel conditions of shore excursions. All the ashore trips require some walking, upstairs or passing a bridge to the dock. So we recommend that passengers with special needs travel with a companion who can provide required assistance. .