Newly opened High-speed Trains

Frequency: direct train available almost every half an hour from 7:00am to 23:00pm, and there are many options to connect at Shenzhen Futian Station or Shenzhen North Station around every 10 minutes and onto other parts of China. See timetable of Hong Kong short distance bullet trains.
Train Stations: West Kowloon (Hong Kong )– Guangzhou South Station (Guangzhou)
Immigration Clearance: Passengers have immigration check at Hong Kong side for once.
Train Ride: 40 minutes.
Ticket rate per person: $28 for 2nd class seat, $39 for 1st class seat.
Booking Methods: ETripChina can issue e-ticket for you to collect at train station or paper tickets delivered to your hotel within China. Booking procedure is the same as all the other domestic trains. Further details on Hong Kong Bullet Trains.
Booking: Make your booking on Hong Kong Trains page and we will work on it soon or maximum 12 hours.
Tips: High speed trains offer much better facilities onboard, shorter train journey, more flexible change and cancellation policy, real-time data of ticket number, easier train connections to other parts of China. But note that Guangzhou South is still one more hour taxi ride to Guangzhou city center (Yuexiu, Baiyun or Zhujiang New City district).

Station: West Kowloon Railway Station
Station(CN): 香港西九龙站
Address: Jordan, West Kowloon
Address(CN): 香港佐敦西九龙
Immigration Check and Board: Level B3
Ticket Collection: official ticket office at Level B1

Station: Guangzhou South Railway Station / Guangzhou Nan Station
Station(CN): 广州南站
Address: Shibi Village, Zhongcun Town, Panyu District, Guangzhou
Address(CN): 广州市番禺区钟村镇石壁村
Immigration Check and Board: No immigration check needed.
Ticket Collection: official ticket office


Hong Kong – Guangzhou through Trains

Frequency: There are 12 pairs of through train each day running every one hour or one and half hours between Hong Kong and Guangzhou. See timetable. Train Stations: Hom Hung Station (Hong Kong )– Guangzhou East Station (Guangzhou)
Immigration Clearance: Passengers have immigration check at both ends and take non-stop journey to terminus.
Train Ride: The whole journey takes two hours also and it is the most popular non-stop transport for visitors.
Ticket rate per person: $32 for first class and $38 for VIP seats.
Booking Methods: ETripChina issue e-ticket for Hong Kong to Guangzhou train, and paper ticket for Guangzhou to Hong Kong train.
Booking: Make your booking on Hong Kong Trains page and we will work on it soon.
Tips: Guangzhou East Station is right located at the Guangzhou city center (Canton Fair area) and easy to access to Yuexiu, Baiyun or Zhujiang New City district.

Station: Guangzhou East Railway Station / Guangzhou Dong Station
Station(CN): 广州东
Address: No.1, Dongzhan Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou
Address(CN): 广州市天河区东站路1号
Immigration Check and Board: 4th floor, Through Train Waiting Room
Ticket Collection: Entrance No. 1, 1st Floor (meeting point)

Station: Hung Hom Station
Station(CN): 香港红磡站
Address: 8 Cheong Wan Road, Hunghom, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Address(CN): 九龍紅磡暢運道8號港鐵紅磡站
Immigration Check and Board: Hunghom Station Concourse ( Exit C)
Ticket Collection: Hunghom Station Concourse (our coperated office)

Private Transfer

Availability: On your request at least one day prior to departure time.
Travel Route: Hong Kong Airport/Hong Kong Island/Kowloon – Guangzhou (via Shenzhen)
Immigration Clearance: Passengers have immigration check at Shenzhen border.
Drive Ride: 3.5 hours from door to door.
Cost Per Van: $395 Alphard Van (7 seater) maximum 6 passengers (including baby)
Booking Methods: ETripChina accept advance booking or urgent booking to 24 hours.
Booking: Visit page of private transfer from Hong Kong Airport / Kowloon to Guangzhou City Center and make reservation online.
Tips: Door to door pick up; Clear customs onboard the van if travelling from Guangzhou to Hong Kong 


Frequency: two flights available daily departing at 07:55am and 20:15pm from Hong Kong, and departing Guangzhou at 09:55am, 22:20pm
Airport: Hong Kong International Airport – Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport
Immigration Clearance: At check in and check out
Coach Ride: 70 minutes.
Ticket rate per person: usually around $200 per person
Booking Methods: ETripChina offer flight booking services. Check flight rate and timetable on ETripChina.
Tips: Suitable for airport transit travelers.

Coach Transport

Frequency: Over 30 coaches per day operated by different companies
Boarding points (Offered by Gangzhonglv Express Line 港中旅快线) : Weijin Hotel in Mong Kok (旺角维景酒店), Tuen Mun Center (屯门市中心), Hong Kong International Airport, Tsuen Wan Subway Station (荃湾地铁站), Shun Tak Centre (上环信德中心), Hong Kong Disneyland Park and Wanchai Subway Station (湾仔地铁站); - Poli Hotel (珀丽酒店, Dongshan Hotel (东山宾馆), Hotel Garden (花园酒店 ) and Haitao Hotel (海涛酒店)
(offered by Shenggangtong Express Line 省港通快线)  Boarding/disembarking places in Hong Kong: Yau Ma Tei (油麻地), Mong Kok (旺角) or Kwai Fong (葵芳) - Boarding/disembarking places in Guangzhou: Huaxia Hotel (华夏酒店), Dongfang Hotel (东方宾馆), and Zhengjia Square(正佳广场).

Immigration Clearance: Passengers have to get off at Luohu (罗湖) or Huanggang (皇岗) port and clear customs on their own
Coach Ride: 3.5 hours.
Ticket rate per person: From $22
Booking Methods: Walk-in customers can purchase tickets at any of the boarding places;  
Booking: ETripChina has not offered coach services yet.  
Tips: Cheapest way but better for Chinese-speaking travelers.

Ferry Transport

Frequency: Available at 07:45, 10:30, 11:30, 13:30, 16:15, 18:20, 18:40  Find Hong Kong –Guangzhou ferry timetable.
Cruise Route: Kowloon Port (香港中港城码头) – Nansha Pier or Lotus Pier (Guangzhou); Hong Kong Airport Skypier (香港机场码头) - Nansha Port(广州番禺南沙港) or Lotus Port in Panyu District (广州番禺莲花港)
Immigration Clearance: Passengers have immigration check at both ends.
Ship voyage: 90 minutes.
Ticket rate per person: $28 for Standard seat, $32 for First class seat, $39 for VIP seat
Booking Methods: ETripChina can issue e-ticket for you to collect at pier.
Booking: Book on our Cruise Ticket page and we will work on it soon or maximum 12 hours.
Tips: Hong Kong Airport Skypier (香港机场码头) is for airport transit travelers only.  Book the cruise according to your flight landing hour and check in from your flight arrival hall (do not clear customs and get out, otherwise you are not allowed to check in again). If you are already in Hong Kong, do not book cruise from Skypier, and look for Kowloon Port (香港中港城码头).

Taking train at Shenzhen

Frequency: available every 10 minutes.
Travel Route: West Kowloon Station (Hong Kong) – Shenzhen North (Shenzhen) – Guangzhou Station (Guangzhou);
Tips: It is suitable for those have stopover in Shenzhen, or when the direct trains to Guangzhou are sold out.